The new GSM/GPRS modem for lifts

TELEMACO at a glance

it allows access to the Internet wherever there is 3G/4G coverage via SIM
it allows to be notified of installation faults from the Playboard controller via SMS / E-MAIL
it allows to operate the Playboard controller from remote
it connects the Matisse indicator, the Amigo emergency telephone, third parties emergency phones or Pitagora 4.0, V3 system or Cronos all in one network
modem management via SMS

Telemaco 4G 600x600

VOICE CONNECTION – as easy as it can be!

With just a simple GSM SIM card (*) with a voice contract you can use the TELEMACO device for operating the AMIGO emergency phone.
Plug&Play connections allow to quickly have your elevator protected and compliant with EN81-28 regulation.

(*) The SIM card is not provided with the device.

DATA CONNECTION – get more out of your TELEMACO!

With a data connection card you can benefit of all the advanced features of Telemaco, using it to operate your DMG controller from remote.
Telemaco can be used with our Playboard controller, Pitagora 4.0 as well as with Cronos controller.

FUSION APP (IOS, Android and Windows)

Installers and maintenance people can interact, via smartphones, tablets or computers, with the installations to check and, according to their access level, have the possibility to monitor the status of the installation.
Read more about the FUSION App.