the ultra-thin, frontal mount button

DISCO is the newest ultra-thin button by DMG, featuring round shape, 16mm thickness and clean design. A perfect match for the Greta series.

Disco at a glance

Low profile (H=16mm) button & indicator
Frontal mount with back fixing ring
Stainless steel pressel with Braille
Round st/steel surround
Single illumination : red, blue, white



The EN81-70:2018 norm requires that luminance contrast between adjacent surfaces shall be evaluated in numerical light reflectance value (LRV).

When mounted on a stainless steel faceplate, the black metal ring added around the DISCO button provides enhanced luminance contrast to the surrounding faceplate.


Frontal mounting technology ensures quick fastening to the faceplate by jam-nut, saving you maintenance time and making it easier to be efficient.
Both the button and the hall lantern are low profile fitting ultra slim plates, like the Greta landing plates.
The DISCO button can be mounted on 0,7mm up to 3mm thick plates (2mm max for main floor buttons).
The outer ring and the button pressel are both made of stainless steel.



Upon activation, both the raised symbol and the halo of the pushbutton light up in red or blue. White illumination is also available on request for some pushbuttons.
By default, all DMG buttons are available primarily with this basic illumination pattern.


Like all our pushbuttons, the DISCO can have two different contact modules:


Screw terminals
contact module

Sutable on low profile operating panels for screw terminal blocks connection to electronic controllers.
It requires conventional wiring during installation.
Only 1 contact available.


JST connector
contact module

Best solution for pre-wired fixtures, namely our Pitagora System.
A JST cable must be added to connect the push-button.