One button, many shapes

Round or square, BL is the basic solution for all purposes.

BL at a glance

EN 81-70 push-button with raised symbol
Compliant to new EN81-70:2018 color contrast requirement (LRV)
Shot-peen stainless steel pressel avoiding unpleasant fingeprints on the button surface
Outer ring available in many shapes
Frontal mounting (no studs) with metal collar, fastening by jam-nut
Flush mounting without metal collar and pressel flush to the faceplate
Raised symbol with single, double or twin-light illumination (see details below)


The EN81-70:2018 norm requires that luminance contrast between adjacent surfaces shall be evaluated in numerical light reflectance value (LRV).
The black metal ring added around BL frontal mount button provides enhanced luminance contrast to the surrounding faceplate.



The frontal mount version of the BL can be inserted in both round-shaped and square-shaped 30mm cut-outs.
When mounted on stainless steel faceplates, the additional black metal collar can be added to achieve full compliance with the newest EN81-70:2018 norm.


BL most stylish version fits into squared-shaped 30mm cut-outs.
The pushbutton is back mounted with studs and is beautifully flush with the face plate.
Compliance with the newest EN81-70:2018 norm with the twin-lighting option.



Upon activation, the button halo lights up in red or blue.
White illumination is also available on request for some pushbuttons.
By default, all DMG buttons are available primarily with this basic illumination pattern.


Symbols are always white or green illuminated.
Upon activation, the button halo lights up while the symbol/number remains illuminated in white or green (the following combinations are available white-red, white-blue or green-red).


DMG introduced the Twin-lighting solution as a way to enhance button visibility in darker cabins.
Twin lighting means that both the halo and the symbol of the button are permanently illuminated in WHITE.
Upon activation, the button lights up in RED or BLUE while the white light goes off.
This advanced illumination pattern is available for some DMG pushbuttons, including the BL.


Like all our pushbuttons, the BL can be matched to different contact modules:

Screw terminals contact module

The screw terminals contact module is good for all types of modernizations. It requires a conventional wiring during installation.
It is suited for installations where no acoustic call acknowledgment is required.

Screw terminals contact module
call acoustic acknowledge module

If an acoustic call acknowledge is required (compliance to EN81-70), the screw terminals contact module con be supplied with a separated small module generating an acoustic signal.
It requires conventional wiring during installation. This solution is suited for both car and floor applications.

JST connector
contact module

Best solution for pre-wired fixtures allowing an easy and fast “plug&play” connection.
A JST cable must be added to connect the push-buttons.