A by-word for vandal-resistance for years

Vandal-resistant turned stainless steel pushbutton with illuminated target

PANZER at a glance

Robust look, minimalist design
Rock-solid design, tested for vandal-proof requirements of EN81-71 Class 2
Pressel AISI 303 turned stainless steel (standard or PVD-coated finishes)
Frontal mounting (no studs), fastening by jam-nut
Single illumination
IP67 and IP65


Its minimalist look should not be misleading: PANZER is a button designed for demanding, heavy-duty applications.
With its extremely robust body and proven activation mechanism, PANZER fully complies with EN81-71 Class 2 European guidelines to design lift components installed in environments prone to vandalism.
PANZER was successfully tested in our laboratories for impact, water entry and fire resistance.


The EN81-70:2018 norm requires that luminance contrast between adjacent surfaces be evaluated in numerical light reflectance value (LRV).
The black metal tag added around the PANZER frontal mount button provides enhanced luminance contrast to the surrounding faceplate.


The PANZER button is mounted frontally and fits round-shaped 30mm cut-outs; it is fastened by the jam-nut ring on 0,8 mm to 3 mm faceplates.
An adaptating ring for fitting the PANZER in Ø 35mm cut-outs is also available.


Tags & surrounds available

The PANZER button can be matched to (see picture left to right, top to bottom):

BRUTUS electro-coloured stainless steel surrounds
– EDGE symbols and Braille elegantly mounted on the faceplate (contact us for more details)
CAESAR retro-illuminated stamped metal surrounds
– stainless steel tags with tactile Braille


Upon activation, the central led lights up in red or blue.


Like all our pushbuttons, the Panzer can be matched to different contact modules:

Screw terminals contact module

The screw terminals contact module is good for all types of modernizations. It requires a conventional wiring during installation.
It is suited for installations where no acoustic call acknowledgment is required.

Screw terminals contact module
call acoustic acknowledge module

If an acoustic call acknowledge is required (compliance to EN81-70), the screw terminals contact module con be supplied with a separated small module generating an acoustic signal.
It requires conventional wiring during installation. This solution is suited for both car and floor applications.

JST connector
contact module

Best solution for pre-wired fixtures allowing an easy and fast “plug&play” connection.
A JST cable must be added to connect the push-buttons.