DMG introduces FAST 5 days service, featuring a wide selection of products from our catalogue available with fast shipment within 5 working days from order acquisition.
Sending a FAST ORDER to DMG is quick and easy: request the order form, fill it and send it to dedicated email account: [email protected]

Request Order form

Terms and conditions: orders must be confirmed by DMG order confirmation. No order handling fee. Client discount applicable. Minimum order quantities (MOQ) remain unchanged. Fast orders are cannot be modified/canceled after acquisition by DMG. Terms and delivery date exclusively applicable to products included in the dedicated order form and subject to stock availability. Minimum invoice value 100 Euro price list.


Monitor the status of your shipments and contact us with confidence if something has not gone as planned, your opinion is important and we will do our best to turn any potential problem into a solution.



DIDO is the new multilingual website for 360° technical support that DMG has created for its Customers.
Here you will find everything you are looking for to install, manage and update your product and many video tutorials to help you at every time!
Discover DIDO, all just a click away, also by your smartphone.

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In a hurry? Need urgent spare parts? Our DMG EXPRESS 48h service allows you to place urgent orders of stock available products with 48h shipment from order acquisition.
To send an EXPRESS order to DMG, just write to [email protected] indicating the required product part number.

Send EXPRESS48 order

Terms and conditions: handling fee applies. Client discount NOT applicable. Express orders are cannot be modified/canceled after acquisition by DMG. All orders subject to actual stock availability.


Customize your project: choose buttons, displays, accessories and place your orders.

Simple, fast and just a click away

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